Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Get a Mobile Website for Less than $100

New innovative software now allows me to make you a mobile version of your website for $95!
Do I need a mobile website? THE FACTS:

Over a third of all Americans now own smartphones, according to comScore's 2012 mobile subscriber report.
One of Gartner's key IT predictions is that more people will be accessing the Internet on their mobile phones than on their computers by next year.
IBM reports that mobile commerce sales doubled over the past year, now accounting for over 13% of total online sales
Lightspeed Research found that almost half of all mobile phone users have made a purchase on their mobile phones, and
they also use their phones to find the nearest store (80%),
compare prices (70%) and
read reviews (65%)
It increases your search engine find-ability results

So get with it, people before you get phased out!

Why You Need a Mobile Website For Your Company?


5 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Website For Your Company. 1. Booming market of tablets and smart phones. There's a big shift happening in the market. Mobile phones, tablets other handsets with Internet capabilities are ...

Get Started in Mobile Marketing: 4 Insights to Guide Your Strategy ...


Here are four types of mobile Web presences Snyder sees: 1. Mobile versions of existing sites. Companies have built mobile websites which offer nearly the same features as their traditional websites, but which are adapted to ...

Think Mobile – Websites Webinar | AdAttack


A few options to consider when deciding on a mobile site (depending on your business model, budget and over all strategy): Site type: Landing pages: A temporary and low investment option that's relatively fast to market.


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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Website Hosting with Lightspeed Servers Open Now!

My buddy, Jack, Has designed reseller stores for his clients, and now I has un tu! This reseller program is MUCH better than any I've seen, because for the fact that if the reseller goes out of business, The customer will still have all his original accounts and support services.

I prefer Jack's (we've become online friends) company because of his excellent support (very quick!!), and he uses the LiteSpeed web server software on our premium hosting servers because it's up to 9 times faster than Apache (most hosting companies use Apache). You can register your domain here, as well.

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10 Keyword Placement Tips for Top SEO

On-page keyword optimization is essential for your SERP.
There are various positions for SEO keyword usage which can give you great advantage when it comes to search engine ranking position. This short article will show you just where to place keywords.

1   -   Use a 2-4 word keyword phrase.
2   -   Use keyword phrases that search users would probably use. This is where an SEO expert may come in handy, but with a little imagination and research you should be able to master this. For help, go to Google AdWords Keyword Tool.
3   -   Be sure that your domain name doesn't suggest something contrary to your subject matter. It's best if your keywords are here, too.
4   -   Place your keywords in your title <title>, header <h1> to <h6>, and inner-link (anchor text) <a href> tags.
5   -   Your keywords will also get more search engine importance with set in bold or italic type.
6   -   Place in meta name description <meta name="Description" content="place in here - easy on all caps" />.
7   -   Use this keyword phrase 2-3 times minimum in your body content - having a minimum of 250 words, with a ratio of 3% to 5%.
8   -   If your website is geographic specific, (even if it's not) be sure to include your city and state in your title and meta name description tags.
9   -   Use different keywords & meta descriptions on each different page.
10   -   Use keywords in sub-folders, no caps (just a preference), separated by dashes. Same for image file names.

For further tips, check out Andy's Handy Dandy SEO Checklist

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

What Is Google Penguin Update All About

On April 24, 2012, another Google algorithm change started targeting spammy websites, in hopes to remove them from search results. This algorithm update, also known as the Penguin Update, essentially punishes websites that spam Google by removing them from search results pages or lowering their rankings.

The chief aim of the Penguin Update is to improve search results by supplying quality sites to its searches and totally removing spam. Instead of manually spotting spam online and manually executing penalties, Google will now do this automatically, enforcing a penalty.

Google Penguin update explained: he goal of this algorithm is to reduce rankings of low quality sites, content mills. Google's Penguin update impacts keywords: the purposes of this update are to reward websites with quality content aimed at good user experiences and penalize sites practicing black hat tactics with nefarious link profiles.

7 Achievable Steps For Great SEO After The Penguin Update

The Penguin update sent a strong message that not knowing SEO basics is going to be dangerous in the future. Find the URLs on a domain that Google regards as low quality:'s online tool.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

10 Small Business Local Search Ranking Factors

What is Google Places?
Local business listings are valued highly by Google. If you do a local search which includes a place, town, city or local service, Google will display this local business box.     Go to Google Places
What determines your Google Places Rank?
So are you wondering what the ranking factors for local search engine optimization? Here are the top 10 factors that determine your Google Places ranking.

1. Claiming your Google Places Page/Local Listing.
Basically, Google may already have a listing for you that they put together through different sources. If not, then create one. Claiming your listing ensures that Google has the right information and protects it from others having access to it.

2. Business Address in City of Search.
Make sure your business address is correct so that those viewing your page know where you are. It also ensures you are displayed properly on the map. Your business having an address that resides in the local area searched will most definitely help with your ranking.

3. Proper Categories.
Selecting proper categories for your small business listing seems to be crucial. Experts suggest that you should select at least one of Google’s default categories and use your other selections as an opportunity to apply keyword strategies.

4. Product/Service Keyword Business Title.
Having a keyword that a user searches for in your business title has proven to be quite effective. Only if it is a part of your official business name though. So don’t go stuffing your business title with keywords if they aren’t as it will work against you in the long run.

5. Being Close to the Center of the City.
At this time, Google tends to give more weight to small business listings that are closer to the center of a city for local searching. They are getting better at recognizing the flexibility of a business so it may not have as much bearing on the results in the future. Especially when the exact position of the user is considered such as with a mobile device or when browsers become more aware. This applies mainly to larger cities of 200,000 or more.

6. Description Including Product/Service Keywords.
Do not keyword-stuff your description as you will be penalized. Avoid using the same keywords as in your categories as well. Use this as an opportunity to share more strategically selected keywords to support your small business. Your description is very important to the viewers of your listing so make sure it reads well and makes sense.

7. Adding Photos.
This is generally accepted as a means to provide a better user experience. There is some debate as to whether having photos improve the ranking of the small business local search listing. Having a complete profile does support increased credibility from a user perspective and likely the search engines. It certainly doesn’t hurt.

8. Local Area Code Association.
This is likely used as a confirmation of locality. The general consensus is that it doesn’t seem to be much more than that but it does help. Especially since users tend to be more apt to call a local

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WARNING: Do NOT Use Meta Keywords!

From Search Engine Land, Oct 14, 2011
The Meta Keywords Tag Lives At Bing & Why Only Spammers Should Use It
Seems that Bing has brought back meta keywords, but not to find search value in a web page, rather to find out which ones are more trustworthy, and which ones are trying to spam their content.

The biggest error you can have, is irrelevant keywords, and keyword stuffing, and they suggest you Do NOT Use Meta Keywords. But the commenters feel different. See this article ...

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Funny HTML Jokes

What do you call a game where touching the person makes them NOT it? Alt tag.

What did the SEO do on his honeymoon? A: He put a “nofollow” outside the door.

What do you call a dating service that only collects a fee when two people hit it off? Pay per click.

A SEO couple had twins. For the first time they were happy with duplicate content.

Old SEOs never die, they just lose their rankings

What do you call it when the prey hunts the hunter? A trackback.

Q: Why was the font tag an orphan?
A: Because it didn't have a font-family.

Q: Why do CSS designers have too many children?
A: Because they employ lots of child selectors.

Q: Why was the XHTML bird an invalid?
A: Because it wasn't nested properly.

Q: Why was the decapitated web page invalid?
A: Because it didn't have a head.

And here's some HTML image jokes.

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Why You Should Use LongTail Keywords

Keywords for Search Engine Optimization: It's All About the Long Tail
No, I'm not talking about the animals at your local zoo. By 'long tail', I'm referring to the typically longer keyword phrases that are very specific to what a website is offering and what people are searching for. These phrases differ from the more basic, primary keywords that are heavily searched (cleverly called the 'head').

For example:

Head Keyword
Long Tail Keyword

mountain climbing
California mountain climbing tours

laundry detergent
environmentally-friendly laundry detergent

hardwood floors
recycled pine flooring

convertible wood baby cribs

The long tail of keyword research is definitely fundamental to your internet success. Because they have less competition from other websites, long tail keywords give you a much better chance of ranking highly in the search engines - and that means more visitors to your website.

And here's even better news: the people who search online using long tail keywords are much more likely to make a purchase! These specific keywords bring much greater conversions than general terms and phrases.

Something else that may surprise you: The long tail of a keyword represents a far greater number of searches than the head. In a 2008 report, Bill Tancer, general manager of global research at Hitwise, revealed that for any given topic, the top 100 keywords account for just 5.7% of all website traffic - while long tail keywords account for the remaining 94.3%!

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My Favorite WordPress Plugins

This is a list of common plugins that could and should be used on your WordPress website/blog.
Some of these aren't yet incorporated into this blog, as I've discovered them while servicing my customers. Be sure to click on the thumbnails for a full size image.

BulletProof Security
Website Security Protection: BulletProof Security protects your website from XSS, CSRF, Base64_encode and SQL Injection hacking attempts. One-click .htaccess WordPress security protection. Protects wp-config.php, bb-config.php, php.ini, php5.ini, install.php and readme.html with .htaccess security protection. One-click Website Maintenance Mode(HTTP 503).

Custom Contact Forms
Guaranteed to be 1000X more customizable and intuitive than Fast Secure Contact Forms or Contact Form 7. Customize every aspect of your forms without any knowledge of CSS: borders, padding, sizes, colors. If you prefer the default styling of contact forms, see Simple contact form below.

Do Follow
Removes the evil nofollow attribute that WordPress adds in comments. This will help you get more readers.

EZPZ One Click Backup
EZPZ One Click Backup(OCB) is a very easy way to do a complete backup of your entire WordPress site. In fact it's so easy there are absolutely no required user settings, everything's automatic. When using WordPress' auto upgrade it is necessary to deactivate then reactivate EZPZ One Click Backup.

Greg's High Performance SEO
Configure over 100 separate on-page SEO characteristics. Fewer than 700 lines of code per page view. No junk: just high performance SEO at its best.

Google XML Sitemaps
This plugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and to better index your blog.

Link Juice Keeper or Simple 301 Redirects
This plugin helps you to keep the link juice by redirecting all non-existing URLs which normally return a 404 error to the front blog page using 301 redirect. Use this only if you have web pages you want to take down.

Platinum SEO Pack
This one is removed, as I found a better one (Greg's High Performance SEO), and it's not tested with the latest version of WordPress.

Simple contact form or Tiny Contact Form
Providing a simple contact form on your wordpress site at side bar. For those who don't want to add custom styling to their contact form (see this in my sidebar).

SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2
Multiply blog traffic by strengthening on page SEO, increasing the number of indexed pages, auto convert search terms into post tags, and more.

SexyBookmarks (by Shareaholic)
SexyBookmarks adds a (X)HTML compliant list of social bookmarking icons to each of your posts.

Another social bookmarking system. Let your visitors share a post/page with others. Supports e-mail and posting to social bookmarking sites.

Simple 301 Redirects
Create a list of URLs that you would like to 301 redirect to another page or site.

Simple Facebook Connect
Facebook Connect is somewhat difficult to integrate with WordPress sites. Many plugins exist to do this, but they are overly complicated, or have security problems, or just plain don’t do the things you want them to do. It doesn’t have to be this way.

First, you activate and set up the base plugin, which makes your site have basic Facebook Connect functionality. Then,

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Get a Complete Website for $149 Unlimited Pages

Want a complete website for $149.00?
I realize that today most folks are in a financial struggle, and can do some of the work themselves. So for this price, I'll help you get your own WordPress website.

WordPress websites are relatively simple to put up; all you gotta do, is install the WordPress files on your website. And lots of website hosts have a one-click install. But if they don't, or if you're a bit nervous about doing this, I'll do it for you. Once this is done, alakazam, your website is live! Next, you'll probably want something more appealing than the default theme, and so, you need to find a theme (commonly known as a template), and upload that. Now, to load your content. Before this, you'll want to read my WordPress Administration Panels Tutorial. And if you still need help, I'll be there.

But there's a few things you'll probably not be able to do, and one of them is configure your contact page. Also, I will upload important plugins (scripts that do magical things) for backups, extra security, SEO, and other plugins that pertain to your individual business.
So how does that sound? You CAN afford a website now! Call Steve: 928-583-3366

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

They Charge $2000/mo for SEO W/O a Guarantee!! I Charge $745 W/Guarantee

YES!! Get Google Page One with three keywords GUARANTEED for one year ONLY $745.
[caption id="attachment_2304" align="alignleft" width="290" caption="Click for Full Size Image"][/caption]

I went to LinkedIn today, as I noticed a fella asking what it should cost for search engine optimization:
"HI folks. Is the typical SEO charging strategy to pick a number out of the air?"
"Just returned from a local exhibition.... I saw 4 companies advertising SEO services, in the range $150 - $400 per month with one company offering an annual SEO check at $600. Talking with the people they all seem to offer the same service, so I wonder, what would you expect to get in return for this sort of charge, and are these sums typical, or at the low or high cost end of the range?"

One SEO expert said that they typically charge $150 per hour ... $600 per day, NOT per month. Another followed up confirming his rates. T H E N - I posted how that I have great results, and charge LESS than $1,000. Well, I got a rebuttal on that: "Todd Morton • IMO - Guarantees should never come up when talking SEO." Of course, I had to come back - $150 per hour and NO guarantee?

I didn't go to the same school as these guys, mater of fact, I schooled myself for SEO. So, I'm a bit unconventional. But I'll get you THE SAME results for a WHOLE LOT less!!
Affordable SEO: Call Steve 928-583-3366

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Stand Out with a Unique Business Card!

A good business card design is an essential tool that can keep up with the competition and show that you're a professional. But is that really enough?
Maybe you need a business card that will leave a lasting impression.
Is Your Business Card Memorable? Why Plastic Business Cards are Better.

Concrete business cards

Mitnick's Business Card (pick a lock)

Amazing Business Card - Laser Cut Gears - Jenivox Mfg.
They are available for purchase with your company name and logo through their website at - You'll need to email them for a quote and lead times - info(at)

USB Business Cards and

Smart Card Business Cards

Plastic, PVC, Metal, Metal & Plastic


Trebucard - a gravity powered catapult to launch paper clips

Augmented Reality Business Card


Cyber Animated Business Card - New Design Concept / Prototype (couldn't find source, fake??)


Forget the Business Card. Just Google Me


50+ Awesome and Creative Business Card Designs That Will Inspire You

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Browser Wars, Browser Compatibility

OK, so I'm a web designer, and get paid to make sure everything works right ... right? BUT, before I'm all that, I'm lazy and preoccupied. And one of the jobs of a web designer, is to be sure your website looks the same in all browsers. Well, I FAILED. And you can see the results below. But WTF? This theme was intended to be a temporary theme until I could get all the bugs taken care of by the developer of the theme I bought for this, "Hybrido."

But now that we're about to change our name (we'll keep this website here), why bother?

And a couple just for your entertainment:

Fuel and Energy Savings Products

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Are These Affordable Web Design Prices?

"So what's the price for a website?"
I hear that a lot, even though I post my prices.
But in this world of web design, most companies do not list their prices, while some will tell you their hourly rate. And with as easy as it is to realize that there are so many who fall into various categories, why not give potential clients the price upfront? But maybe you realize the answer to this - they want you to talk to their salesman who will take you for as much as he can get. At the least, they want to quote you their outrageous price after they've shown you how superior their websites are over anyone else's.

Come on web design companies, give them your price upfront! Post it on your website!

Well, I found a few that do and my prices are FAR more affordable!!


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Valuable Lead Websites to Post Your Business At

Back in March of 2011, I added this post, 10 Small Business Local Search Ranking Factors. And that is a good start if you want to get found locally with Local Internet Marketing. But there's MORE you can do, all FREE. So without further ado, I am listing the websites that will get your company listed - through them - on Google Page One.
List of lead sites I have been successful with for Local Internet Marketing.

Local Business Centers and Maps
Google Places Video Squeeze Page
Business Directory Listings
Online Classified Ads
Blogging and Press Releases
Video Marketing

So seems to me that MerchantCircle and HotFrog are clear winners if we use those lead sites  and update them with blog posts and ads. Backpage and OLX are the next runners up.

I enjoy Craigslist to get clients on, but in all honestly with all of their rules, I am finding using backpage and OLX gets me more bang for my time.
If this seems all to much for you to do, I can add these for you for a minimal fee. Just CONTACT ME. (use your city or large city nearby)

And to go a step further: - If you don't see your business listed on YellowBot, please add your business listing. - Ask a client to list your business here, otherwise you'll need to pay for it.

Free Press Release websites: - Australia - Canada - UK


First, you may want to have some of these done for you, and can get a short 30 second to one minute video for your business for ONLY FIVE DOLLARS at, specifically, the videos: Below is one I have on my YouTube page.

Sites to upload your videos to:

For this part, I'm gonna plug a free promotion for Movavi Video, as this web page tells it all.

** But of course, the MOST IMPORTANT site to start with is YouTube (link to my channel).

If this seems all to much for you to do, I can add these for you for a minimal fee. Just CONTACT ME.

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